A great futnet spectacle in Rzgów. Blokers Łódź Girls defended the title of Polish Futnet Champions

08 Mar 2023

The 4th Women's Polish Futnet Championships - Rzgów 2023 provided the fans with a lot of adrenaline. The final match between Blokers and Zawisza Rzgów was a solid dose of futnet at the international level. The game was full of spectacular attacks and blocks, and the precision of receptions and plays as well as tactical discipline confirmed that we were watching the national team futnet players in action (7 national players played in the final).

The maximum number of sets was needed to decide the final (single, double, triple, double, triple). In the decisive fifth set, the players of Blokers Łódź showed more cold blood and they reached for the gold.


Angelika Puchalska (Blokers Łódź) was chosen MVP of the tournament. Each of the players playing in the final deserved the title of the best player of the championship, but it was the popular "Puchi" in the decisive fifth set that decided the outcome of the match.


It is worth mentioning that the entire tournament, from the first whistle to turning off the lights in the hall, was played in a great sports atmosphere, full of respect and sympathy for the rivals and referees. The girls showed once again that there is room for positive emotions in sport.


The broadcast from the knockout phase of the championship can be watched on the Polish Futnet YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@polskifutnet




1. Blokers Łódź

2. Zawisza Rzgów

3. Sand Winners Team

4. WWF Łódź

5-8. Atom Futnet

5-8. Astoria Szczerców Junior

5-8. KS Messiaki Raszyn

5-8. Chrobry Głogów




MVP: Angelika Puchalska (Blokers Łódź)

VICE MVP: Ola Kurczewska (Zawisza Rzgów)

II VICE MVP: Andżelika Błoch (Blokers Łódź)

Best server: Agnieszka Jarczak (Zawisza Rzgów)
Best smasher: Angelika Puchalska (Blokers Łódź)
Most versatile player: Ewa Tyll (Zawisza Rzgów)

Best blocker: Wiktoria Kaczmarek (Sand Winners Team)
Best receiver: Paulina Łężak (Sand Winners Team)
Best playmaker: Diana Maciaszczyk (Blokers Łódź)

Best singlist: Ola Kurczewska (Zawisza Rzgów)