Blokers Łódź with a complete set of gold medals of the Polish Championships 2022

13 Dec 2022

To the previously won titles in singles and doubles, on Saturday December 10th, Blokers added the Polish championship in triples and thus ended the season in the triple crown.


Blokers Łódź team consisting of Michał Kłosiński, Marcin Skrydalewicz, Łukasz Fryczak, Mateusz Spochaczyk and Przemek Kulik faced Top Spin Wójcin - Marcin Gębicki, Mateusz Śliwka, Mariusz Koćmin in the final. It was the third final this year between players from Łódź and Wójcin. For the third time, Blokers proved to be better, winning confidently in the final 11:4, 11:4.


Bronze medals went to the team of Futnet Kleczew, which after a very even three-set duel for the 3rd place, defeated the team of Drop Shot Aleksandrów.


The championship from the first to the last match was at a very high futnet level.


This season has been very intense. - says Michał Kłosiński, triple Polish champion in 2022. - In March, we started preparations for the Men's World Championships, which took place in early November in Prague. At the Futnet World Championship, our national team achieved good results, with the best in Polish history 7th place in doubles. The UNIF Club World Cup in Modřice were even more successful for us, where we took the 4th place with the KS Blokers Łódź team.

The uniqueness of this season also lies in the fact that for the first time in history for the Polish championships a full series of tournaments in all three disciplines was played.

Even more than the triple crown of the Blokers, I am happy that every year it is harder for us to win. I enjoy watching the progress and development of players from other clubs. Some of these players have already become important figures in the Polish national team, and I see such potential in other young players, which is a very good prognosis for the future of Polish Futnet.


The final phase matches were broadcast live on the Polski Futnet YouTube channel