FUJITSU Polish Women's Futnet Championship - Rzgów 2022

11 Mar 2022

FUJITSU Polish Women's Futnet Championship - Rzgów 2022 is behind us. The title of the Polish futnet champions returns to the Blokers Łódź 

The final match against Zawisza Rzgów was a great promotion for this sport. In all three disciplines of singles, doubles and triples, both teams presented high-class futnet.
There were also emotions in the match for 3rd place, where the Astorians defeated FutnetGo Pabianice.

The final of the tournament can be viewed on the YouTube channel of the Polish Futnet:

The whole championship was a great sporting spectacle, the matches from the very morning were full of emotions. All 10 teams participating in the championship deserve praise. 50 players took part in the tournament!

It's nice to see that the girls are doing well in the philosophy of this sport. Respect for opponents and referees, admitting mistakes and general fair play attitude are an indispensable part of futnet. We are also pleased with the tactical and technical awareness of this sport, which is growing every year. More and more players in Poland are starting to play a real futnet. This is a good forecast for the Polish national team and the entire Polish Futnet. - says Michał Kłosiński, the coach of the Polish women's national team - Now it's time to go back to training and build form for international challenges that await us this year.

1. Blokers Łódź
2. Zawisza Rzgów
3. Astoria Szczerców Junior
4. FutnetGo Pabianice
5-8. MKS Polonia Warsaw
5-8. KKS Włókniarz Konstantynów Łódzki
5-8. Fiero Łódź
5-8. Wisła Płock
9-10. Lady Grembach Łódź
9-10. UMKS Saller Zgierz

MVP: Angelika Puchalska (Blokers Łódź)
VICE MVP: Ola Kurczewska (Zawisza Rzgów)
II VICE MVP: Diana Maciaszczyk (Blokers Łódź)
Best server: Agnieszka Jarczak (Zawisza Rzgów)
Best smasher: Angelika Puchalska (Blokers Łódź)
Most versatile player: Paulina Łężak (MKS Polonia Warsaw)
Best blocker: Wiktoria Kaczmarek (Astoria Szczerców Junior)
Best receiver: Ewa Tyll (Blokers Łódź)
Best playmaker: Nikola Góra (Astoria Szczerców Junior)
Best singlist: Diana Maciaszczyk (Blokers Łódź)

Winners: MKS Polonia Warsaw
2nd place: Astorians